time for a virtual coffee...

Dear DXZ,
It’s been too long since I picked up the virtual pen and got busy here at the TMS Central Office Location. For that, I’m sorry. As you mentioned in your previous post, things were hectic up till Christmas. And beyond, apparently.

I wish we lived closer to each other. Well, I always wish that, but today in particular.
If we lived closer together, I would invite you out for a coffee. As it is, I’ll invite you out for a virtual coffee. Please bring your virtual knitting project and we’ll make an afternoon of it!

Every so often it hits me that I live out here on the prairie with no family around. When there are no blood relatives around, we tend to make our own families, which I have done, to a great extent, but today I wish I had some of MY family around. It is a cold, rainy day – they say spring is right around the corner but it’s been a long, cold winter and I am doubtful. I am sitting in the Café at my local Barnes & Noble, watching the rain – having gotten a pardon from attending an outdoor High School Lacrosse game this afternoon. It would be nice if you were here.

This last week my Grandma passed away – she was 105 – and a half! A cool girl, in her day. I am that much closer to being the end of the line.
And as we come upon the anniversary of my Mother’s passing, the lack of family around becomes more magnified… March is a harsh month…

So, I guess I’m almost done with my actual coffee, some bookstore employees are eyeing me suspiciously (have I been here too long?). I’d best pull myself up by my bootstraps and get on with things. There’s laundry to be done at home, dinner to be made. But I will always make time to share coffee and knitting with you. Thanks for joining me on the journey…



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