my summer knitting projects, part III

I was supposed to go to Belize for a week. To a nice resort. Paid for. This was supposed to be last week. But, due to family illness, we’ve had to postpone the trip. I am sad about this – partly for the illness of the family member, of course, and partly because I was really really really looking forward to going.
I’m not a big traveler, but the thought of sitting here for a week sounded simply sublime!

I was going to bring a book, a notepad/pencil, a swimsuit, and a knitting project. Well – maybe it will still happen…

Until then, I’ve had to get on with my summer. Last week I stayed home for 3 days instead of going to Belize. A staycation can be nice too, but you often get caught up in the day-to-day stuff, even if you’re not at work. Like dishes, laundry, doctor appointments, grocery shopping… you know how it goes. So I did all that. But, I also did find a little time for some stitching!

About a month ago, I sat down and taught myself how to crochet a granny square. I’ve never been good at crochet but I was tired of looking at those cool granny squares and letting everyone else have all the fun. So now – I’m a granny square crochet MACHINE!

With the help of my good friend Sherri, I picked out some yarn and started to crochet squares for a throw for my couch. OMG these little things are addictive. I don’t get to work on it quite as much as I’d like, but I’m making some progress:

From granny squares it wasn’t long before I Googled “log cabin crochet” and found my next blanket project! I like symmetry and linear designs so the Log Cabin thing really appeals to me. I ordered the yarn last weekend but have promised myself I won’t start on it till I finish the granny square project…
And then Sherri showed me a little poncho she was working on, crochet of course, and I thought hmmm, wouldn’t that be a nice present for my friend in Japan who just had a baby… so I ordered yarn for that too…
The projects are stacking up! But that’s OK. Sometimes it’s a nice feeling to have lots of things you’re excited about making. You may not get all the ironing done, but that’s OK!

And it’s OK that I didn’t make it to Belize. Yet.



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