World Wide Knit in Public Day: June 8-16, 2013

Sometimes a day feels like a week - and sometimes it IS a week.  World Wide Knit in Public Day begins today (June 8) and lasts until June 16, 2013.

A quick look at the Massachusetts listings on the  World Wide Knit In Public Day website place all the celebrations outside MetroWest in the exurbs, so I decided to do a little local sleuthing, poking around my LYS trying to find out how each will celebrate.  

The Island Yarn Company returns to Waltham’s roots, leaving their snug shop at 85 River Street in Waltham, MA, for historic Moody Street, home of the Industrial Revolution and some significant advances in textile production (read about mechanical genius Moody here: Wikipedia - Paul Moody, Inventor).  

Knitters after my own heart, The Islanders are heading to Margaritas Restaurant about 6 p.m. tonight (June 8) to sip beverages on the outdoor patio and knit in public.  There may be a repeat on June 15; drop on by Margaritas to see.  If the Islanders are absent, well, start your own event! 

Elissa’s Creative Warehouse (220 Reservoir Street, Needham Heights, MA) hasn’t posted an event, but welcomes fiber artists of all levels and stripes at their many classes.  There was even talk of letting knitters KIP in their sale tent, so keep an eye on their website.  Better yet, drop in and prepare to be overwhelmed by their stock (and the knitting skeleton badges -- super cute!)

Gather Here (370 Broadway, Cambridge, MA) is another favorite store that hasn’t posted a specific KIP event -- but do they have to?  This knit, stitch, and crochet shop is well stocked, provides workshop space and sewing machines, has super helpful and friendly staff, and hosts a full calendar of community drop-ins, paid classes, and special “artist-in-residence” events.  They cater to all crafts, ages, and levels, and have a mission to be one of the beating hearts of the community.  Well worth the trip to Cambridge -- I love this store.

Wild & Woolly Studio (7A Meriam Street, Lexington, MA) is having a celebration of sorts, but not the kind we really want to see -- our local Lexington yarn store is closing its doors after 34 years.  Through the end of June, they are holding a liquidation sale.  According to their press release, “The entire contents of the store will be for sale, from the thousands of yarns, needles, patterns, books and hand-knit garments to the furniture and store fixtures.”  It is like a death in the family when a fiber source goes dark.  But the stash-hound is already waking up -- what an opportunity for new knitters to find quality fibers, and old hands to further stuff their closets!

This isn’t an exhaustive list -- but I’m exhausted.  TIme to grab the knitting bag and an adult beverage.  

Happy Knit in Public Day,  everyone - and Celebrate for a week!



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