my summer knitting projects - part I

Spring has definitely sprung.
This is Oklahoma though – which means Spring actually sprung for about 10 minutes last Tuesday, and then skipped straight to summer. And so what is one to knit over the summer months? It’s hard to get motivated to work on a nice warm scarf when you are sweating through your undergarments, know what I mean?
So here is what’s on my knitting calendar right now.

June 8th is International Yarn Bombing Day!
As you may recall, yarn bombing is basically street art, with yarn. Yarn bombing has been growing in popularity since about 2004 and the very first IYBD was held in 2011 (if you’d like to learn more you can search for their FaceBook page or check out Wikipedia). The event is intended to bring more attention to this type of art form.

June 8th through June 16th is World Wide Knit in Public Day!
Why does one day last a week? So that everyone around the world can fully participate! According to the WWKIP web site ( there were over 700 events in 2009. I don’t know how many are scheduled for this year, but you can search their web site to see if there’s one near you. Tulsa is going to have one! (you can check it out here).

Our local yarn bombing group, Yarn Bomb Tulsa, is planning an event that will celebrate both of these events. On Sunday June 9th, there will be a WWKIP event at Guthrie Green, a wonderful new public space just north of Downtown, in the Brady District. It will be from 12-2 and everyone can come out and stitch while enjoying the festivities at GG. There’s a Sunday Market, live music (courtesy of Horton Records that afternoon at 2:00) and food trucks! Loads of fun, I say.
Sometime before Sunday’s WWKIP event, word has it that Yarn Bomb Tulsa will be “decorating” the Guthrie Green area. So, you never know what you might see…

How does all this translate into actual knitting for me, you may wonder… well, I’ve been busy trying to knit pieces to put up for IYBD. While enthusiasm runs high in the group regarding the scope of our projects, the interest in donating supplies and / or time does not. So I find myself with a pile of cheap yarn and a borrowed Addi Express circular knitting machine.
It took about 127 tries before I finally got the hang of knitting a straight piece… now I just need to crank them out and stitch them together.
Let’s see, we want to cover at least 8 posts, each one 36 inches tall, 20 inches around… that’s at least 40 pieces. Then we want to cover some hand railing, maybe 6 pieces at 30 inches long…

At least I can watch stuff on my computer while I go!

Someday I’ll want to knit something for myself made out of something other than leftover blechy acrylic yarn. But for now – Art takes precedence. Let’s knit this town.

Shameless plug: Also, word has it that Yarn Bomb Tulsa will be featured in June’s Tulsa People magazine, and it’s also possible that I will be going on the local news in the next few weeks – I’ll be demonstrating a short DIY craft project and also promoting our WWKIP and IYBD projects. I'll keep you posted, so you can tune in and learn how to yarn bomb a light post…



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