Sunday, April 28, 2013

spring shearing

Spring comes, and we all shed our pelts to bask in the sweet air and warming sun. Sheep too, with a little help, as we saw at the 26th Annual Gore Place Sheep Shearing Festival.

Gore Place, built 1806
Fair Day for a Fair
Using hand-forged manual shears, this veteran of sheepshearing contests shows us how it is done:

Ewe gives up her winter coat

Fipped to her back, the ewe went entirely limp, relaxed, and a I swear, smiled!  The Mindful Sheep took note that this might be a sustainable survival response to life's backflips -- and that the result might be to feel lighter, cooler, more comfortable in our skin!  Certainly a good thought after last week's surreal stressfulness.

Relieved of her fleece, the ewe happily rejoined the rest of the sheep, who were stylin' in their new crewcuts.

Spring Lambs

Being a festival of sheep and wool, there were herding demonstrations, spinning wheels, sheep products, and all manner of fiber crafts, as well as re-enactors of scenes from the American Revolution, Morris Dancers, local bluegrass and string bands, gardening demonstrations, assorted hand crafts from fudge to beeswax to wooden toys, and lots and lots of food! A grand time was had by all.    ~DXZ

Herding with border collies 

Put on the brakes!

hand spun, dyed, and knit!

Fleece, roving, wristlets

Hat, gloves .......

and felted sheep!

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