run for cover!

Ok I have to be careful here, in case The Government is patrolling knitting web sites for shady characters, or some weirdo trying to Google how to do some unscrupulous things accidentally ends up here.
Because - we are going to talk about bombing.
Yarn bombing!
Don't worry, it's SO totally not as bad as it sounds. Yarn bombing is a way to "decorate" the landscape, using yarn. Yes I guess technically it's graffiti and yes I guess if you were a really cranky person you could call it vandalism. But I don't. I call it art!!
I've always had a bit of a subversive streak - at least in my mind, but I rarely act on it. The one time I tried to leave campus in high school, I got caught and had to do detention. And now, a huge part of my Day Job is to follow a whole bunch of regulations and rules and make sure that my boss and I are always in compliance. So you see, I'm a Good Person - with a need to at least think about doing something out of the ordinary.
So yarn bombing is perfect! I get to create art. I get to make that art public. I get to meet people and have a hand in making my town a better place.
For a long time I complained about where I live. But about 2 years ago it hit me - instead of complaining, and instead of always wanting to move away (because it's not really an option right now), why not stand up and try to make this a better place? So a year ago, I started Yarn Bomb Tulsa with a few other local stitchers. We are a small group that plans knitting projects and events around town. We ask for donations of knit or crochet 12" x 12" squares, that we then piece together in the dimensions needed for whatever we're targeting. This year, International Yarn Bombing Day coincides with Knit In Public Day (which is actually a whole week in June, stay tuned for more details), and we are planning a few projects and a public event. I'm excited!!
On February 1 we bombed the Cain's - a great old wooden floor dance hall that Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys used to call home. My 2 favorite musicians from Austin were playing there that night and I wanted to give them a proper welcome.

bob schneider and bruce hughes can rock the cain's - so can ybt!

ace and accomplice brandi, happened upon some lovely art...

And it was still there that night!

I don't usually admit I'm one of the founding members of YBT. But there it is. And I'm proud of it.



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