knittin' blues

You know winter is getting to you when the cold and the grayness and boredom set in, and you are tempted by craft-store acrylic and cute animal patterns. 

(This video sums it up nicely: Knitting Kitten Blues)  

Fortunately it began to snow before I succumbed completely, and now we are snowed in: I suspect the fever will pass, but what is a seasonally affected knitter to do in the dead of winter?  

The Christmas panic is over. The self-indulgence sweater sits unfinished in the corner with no signs of coming out. Trolling the 'net for new ideas becomes confusing and pointless. You find yourself eating instant maple oatmeal,  reading the safe-driving brochure from the insurance agency and the back pages of the Old Farmer's Almanac, searching for signs of spring. Yet,  it snows: everything is a relentless, seamless white.

Like the office white board. Empty of ideas.

But maybe that is a good  thing, a blank board, a clean slate!  I start pulling out yarn and piling it up on the window sill, where I can see the color against the winter white.


Shuffle the skeins around.  
Pile it in a handmade bowl and take it out in the snow.

Even the cat gets into the act and selects her favorite color: blue.
Finally, laying yarn out on my upstairs craft bench, something comes into focus -- it is a yarn garden, with plots and furrows and full of potential.

Some skeins are ready to go -- and many need to be wound.  

What better time to wind yarn than in the dead of winter, when the warmth and color are welcome, when the lure of the outdoors is minimal.

I brew up some French Roast, bring out the swift, punch up BBC4Extra on my radio app and settle in for some serious yarn winding.  

Project ideas start to form, and between twists I'm sketching fiber Tuileries for the year to come, plotting adventures in stash management. 

The sweater in the corner begins to look less hopeless, even interesting.  I'll give it another go over a movie tonight.  And suddenly, maybe it's just gotten a few degrees warmer.  Maybe Spring really is about to come!



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