roasty goodness.

I’ve been doing a lot of knitting lately. Scarves mostly. I know scarves aren’t the most original things to be working on, but they are easy to pick up and work on when things are busy. And I’m currently obsessed with cables. I’m almost done with one cable scarf, and I found an even awesomer cable scarf pattern when we were in Fort Worth. I can’t wait to try it out… but, knitting cabled scarves is a topic for another blog post (and don’t think I won’t do it!)
Today’s blog topic is… coffee!! You may be thinking, this has nothing to do with yarn. And you may be right. But in my mind, it does. It has to do with wanting to learn, the desire to make things, and finding things you are passionate about.
Some background info: my romance with coffee started maybe about 7 years ago, on a trip to the Washington, DC area to visit my Mom, who was working out there. We went to the National Gallery, and after an overpriced cafeteria lunch in the downstairs restaurant, she had me buy her a cappuccino and I could not do so without buying some dessert. So we sat and talked and watched the tourists go by, and shared a coffee and a raspberry-crumbly-bar-dessert-thing. A lightbulb went off for me. How civilized, to sit and have a coffee (and how tasty it was with dessert!). And even better, now it’s a really nice memory to have of time spent with my Mom.
If the love affair started that day, it became a torrid, passion-filled obsession about a year ago, when I had an incredibly tasty, and unusually surreal cup of coffee in Austin, Texas. It was made with a cappuccino maker, with frothed milk, a little raw sugar and some cinnamon. That was it. I was real, real gone.
From there I went a little overboard, as we are wont to do when starting a new relationship… I opted for quantity over quality. I used local roasts, and the Chemex I inherited from my Mom, but I went a little crazy.
Then, due to an unfortunate turn in my health, I was forced to stop drinking coffee altogether for a few months last year. I was heartbroken. Especially since The Neighbor also shares my passion for coffee. He has two small cups per day, and appreciates the art of making and drinking coffee as much as I do. So I would watch, and sit with him, and live vicariously through his cup.
Now I am up to about 4 – 5 ounces of coffee per day, made with hot milk and a little sugar and cinnamon. I have come to appreciate the concept of quality over quantity.
I love everything about coffee. The act and art of sitting and enjoying a perfect cup with breakfast on a Saturday morning; the way the beans smell, the act of grinding them, and the sweet, full smell of the freshly ground beans; the act of brewing it and the way the flavors change on your tongue. So, how can I take this passion to the next level, since I can only have a tiny bit per day?
My home coffee roaster just arrived today.
I figure, if I can’t enjoy coffee by drinking gallons and gallons of it, then maybe I can indulge by learning all about it – learning to brew it, learning about the different types of beans and roasts, and how to roast it. And then maybe I can give it to people to try – so that I can get their feedback, but also so I can give them something they might enjoy.
I don’t know – sounds a lot like yarn and knitting to me.

coffee beans are the new yarn.
this is some costa rican goodness i ground up the other night. 
mmm, smooth!

behold the mighty rosater...

Stay tuned to hear how my roasting project goes! And who knows, maybe you can help me taste-test it??


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