Ace has been roasting coffee and I have been grinding flour.  Hmm, sounds like a propitious beginning for a Kaffeeklatsch and some excellent knitting!
Why, you might ask, do I grind my own flour when good whole-grain product is readily available these days?

One reason is that it is fun to shop at the whole-food coop and talk to people.  Another reason is freshness.  There is something about fresh-ground flour that cannot be equalled in a ready-to-use product. A third reason is the exercise.  It takes considerable time and muscle to crank the stone mill.  As I settle into the rhythm I find contentment, and my muscles find satisfaction.  As I center in on the grinding, I consider what grains I have and what sort of bread to make. 

Today, I have an abundance of oats and some hard winter wheat.  Using this combo last time, the bread came out very crusty outside, and soft within.  It was hard to cut, but incredibly tasty.  So I consider:  perhaps leave out the buttermilk, use a bit cooler oven, bake slower and longer.  We’ll see how it goes!

Roasting coffee, baking bread, knitting -- all of these activities require attention and mindfulness.  What worked before?  What can we learn from others?  Where am I in the process right now?  

Mindfulness is almost a buzz word these days.  Being in the current moment is pretty popular.  But mindfulness takes practice and effort.  Like the stone mill, or knitting, at first one can grind, stitch, - or practice - for only a few minutes.  Later, knowing that our efforts do bear results, the process becomes easier.  The sweater is no longer endless, baking is a comforting touchstone in the week, and taking a short break to re-focus does bring peace.  

Rhythm seems to be one of the keys -- in grinding, in knitting, and in life.  Taking time and giving attention to our task, to our daily schedule, to our weekly activities, encourages keeping on and keeping faith with our creative spirit.  Rhythm harnesses our energy and doles it out in amounts sufficient to accomplishment while saving enough to prevent exhaustion.  We live to roast, bake, and knit another day, with joy.

Watching the flour mound up, I can almost smell Ace’s coffee.  Maybe today’s bread will be all-grain cinnamon loaf, not too sweet, but fragrant, paired with some fresh-roasted java.  How about it, Ace?



  1. fresh cinnamon rolls and fresh coffee - sounds like a GREAT combination!


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