real-life fairytale

“The Mermaid has sprung a leak and I don’t know how to knit! Can you help?” 

Who could resist a mermaid? Or a scientist?  “Of course!” said the Stitchwitch.  So The Mermaid, The Scientist, and The Stitchwitch met for an emergency operation.

Frankly, it might have helped  to Medivac The Mermaid to a care facility for the weekend, but there were serious complications:  The Mermaid lived with The Little Girl, and could not be parted from her except during pre-school hours!  This was a big concession on The Mermaid’s part.  She would rather pour out her stuffing than be parted from The Little Girl.

So The Stitchwitch and The Scientist set up a field hospital in the coffee room of their office at work.  The operation was delicate.  Initial kitchenering left a bit of a keloid, but a basket weave darning stitch did good service.  

Time ran short and the planned reinforcement over the heart had to be abandoned.  The Scientist received technical instruction for emergency care of the weak heart area:  “You could try over-under-over darning, like making a lattice for a pie crust,” said the Stitchwitch, surriptitiously casting a little spell. 

A look of doubt crossed The Scientist’s face. “But I’ve never done any needlework . . . .”  

“Not to worry,” said The Stitchwitch, “we can do a follow-up operation if needed.”

Monday, The Stitchwitch knew the spell had worked -- and the outcome was the very best possible:  The Scientist had taken the leap and made the basket weave darn. She’d become a needlewoman!  

And The Mermaid?  The Mermaid was now completely repaired and restored to the arms of her beloved LIttle Girl.

The Scientist had called their meeting a “Grandmother Moment.”  It gladdened The Stitchwitch, for that observation illuminated the true meaning of her  Grannie’s strongest spell:  “eeechwan teechwan!”


photos and story used by permission of The Scientist and The Mermaid


  1. you could start an east coast emergency knitting business - making house calls!!


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