big rocks

Well, ace, I know what you mean about not enough time in the day.  It is a reality as well as a cliche.
Stephen Covey, the inspired businessman and life coach, often uses the example of filling a pail with rocks.  You have big ones and little ones and they all have to fit without spilling over.  The smaller rocks have labels like “deadlines” and “work” and “housecleaning.”  The big ones have labels like “family,” “vacations,” and “spiritual community.”
You guessed it. People put the deadlines and worries and housework into the bucket first, and can’t get the big, important rocks in at all.
I’ve written this blog in my head a hundred times: there is so much to say! .  Sometimes I’m wise, sometimes pathetic, sometimes between a rock and a hard place.  In the last two weeks, I’ve been often distraught as more news of the massacres in Sandy Hook, Pakistan, the Middle East come rolling in over the airwaves.  But blogging it down in pixels and code - that’s another thing altogether.  Yes, I’ve been tending some small rocks, but more importantly, I’ve also been making room for some big ones, too.  
One of the kids killed at Sandy Hook Elementary was the daughter of a co-worker.  It’s been pretty glum around the office, and we all feel it, the never-mores, the no-more-hugs, the emptiness.  
That could have been us.  Or someone who belongs to us.  It brings up waves of nausea and sadness; or extra tenderness before leaving for work, on returning home.  And more often than not, I find that sock in my hands, each stitch anchoring me a bit in reality, making concrete a bit of love.
Is it o.k. to knit when we have so much else to do?  Oh, ace, absolutely.



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