Monday, December 24, 2012

banana beer

It is half an hour before sunset.  My desk is finally clean, all the packets are wrapped, and according to NORAD radar, Santa is just passing over Eastern Europe.  Join the fun here:  NORAD Santa Tracker

The blissful quiet of Christmas is beginning to settle in. DXZ's personal radar has learned that ace baked a cheesecake (secret family recipe), that the dog ate half of the Texas relatives' Christmas basket (oh dear!), and that the Germans are away in a wonderful warm place.

The East Coast is promised a bit of snow to sparkle up Christmas Day, but that is tomorrow.  Soon we will light the Advent candles, have a few quiet moments of our own, sing some Christmas music, and perhaps play some board games or watch a movie (great sock-knitting opportunity!)

We will definitely stay up till midnight in hopes of catching Santa, and probably argue amicably as to whether presents should be opened the 24th (German Christmas) or the 25th (American).  I'm holding out for the 25th!  Regardless of who wins, we'll end the night with a cheery toast -- quite likely this year  an outlandish brew from Scotland, beer made from bananas -- so weird, it has to be tried.  (ace, you'd better check on me in the morning.)

Whatever your tradition, wherever you are,

may this be a blessed time with those you love.

We are grateful you are our readers, and wish you

A Merry Christmas from The Mindful Sheep


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