knitting through texas.

i like texas. a lot. so when the neighbor asked me if i'd like to go on a little vacation with him and his family to san antonio, i said yes please!
not only did i get to spend time with my favorite person and his family, but i got to spend time in a super cool state. it was a good vacation.
we drove to san antonio - the neighbor and i in the back seat of a nissan murano, his sister and brother-in-law up front.
i can't read in the car but for some reason, i can knit up a storm. so that's what i did when i wasn't looking at the scenery. which was nice, but you know how it is when you're in the zone - the knitting zone - you just gotta knit.
a few weeks ago i found a really intriguing scarf pattern. i like cabling but i have to be careful with it - i don't like things that are TOO busy. but this pattern is just right - lots of cabling but it's also nice and orderly.
then a week later i found the right yarn - a really lovely merino wool from the best tulsa LYS - loops. now all i needed was the time to knit. voila - an 8.5 hour car ride. times two.

as soon as i got a few rows in, the neighbor began to express interest in the pattern, the color and texture of the yarn, and the complexity of the pattern. it was fun showing him my progress over the course of the trip. you know how cool it makes us knitters feel when we come across someone who is not only interested in what we do but also appreciates the work we put into our projects!
needless to say by the end of the first leg of trip, it became apparent that i'm knitting a scarf for the neighbor.

i did end up having to frog a good portion of it - for some reason i missed a few cable repeats or something, and there were too many straight lines and not enough twisty cables. the neighbor said he didn't care - he'd wear it anyway, but i couldn't do it. because it wasn't RIGHT. it's bad enough to know that something as important as cables didn't look right but i certainly couldn't let someone else wear something i made that wasn't right. so - i frogged about a third of it. it set me back but i ultimately felt better about it.

as i knit my way through texas and oklahoma i thought about a lot of things. i got back into that really satisfying feeling of staying in the present moment. i watched the countryside go by and knit my way across the highways. it was nice.


(by the way, you can find this cool cable scarf pattern here.)


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