i'll make you a scarf.

it's getting cold in tulsa. which means it's even colder in middlebury, vermont. and if, say, you were up at college in middlebury vermont, without a car, and you had to walk everywhere, you might want a scarf. sure, you could buy one (along with boots for the snow, a new north face pullover and some ski equipment). but why not have someone make you a nice scarf?
a nice comfy handmade scarf trumps store bought every time. i admit - i might be slightly biased here, but for the most part, it's true (unless your aunt gladys knit you a multi-colored fluffy floofy scarf with the "novelty" yarn she bought half price at hobby lobby. but then again, that might just be your thing, and that's ok too).
so yes, hand-made wins every time.
so when michael, the neighbor's eldest son, up in vermont for his first semester of college, mentioned it was getting cold, i was ON it! i will knit you a scarf!
the first thing i did was try to look for a "manly" design. i wanted to do something kind of interesting, but at the same time not too terribly complicated - i wanted to finish THIS fall, not next fall. so some aesthetic qualities may have been sacrificed for the sake of expediency but of course the quality is still high so it's ok!
i settled on a basic basketweave (5 knit stiches, 5 purl stitches, repeated and every 5 rows, then reversed). then i went to my favorite lys, loops, and picked up some yarn. i don't have the tags in front of me but i believe it was classic elite vista - an alpaca blend. alpaca is warmer than wool and super soft so i thought it was a good choice. i went with grey. because that's what a sophisticated young man should wear.
all this was approved by the neighbor - he knows michael better than i do so of course i wanted to make sure i was on the right track.
i got a little distracted by a super cool cable scarf pattern (more on that later) but i did manage to finish the SYMS (sophisticated young man's scarf) by the time michael came home to visit for thanksgiving. i think he liked it. but the real test will be to see if a) he uses it and b) it keeps him warm and c) he likes it. time will tell.

regardless, i sure do enjoy knitting for other people. i like the idea that i can make something that hopefully looks nice and that they can use and enjoy. sadly i've probably promised a few people i'd make something for them and i haven't really come through yet. so if that was you - sorry. i'm not exactly the fastest knitter around and you may have to remind me. plus my boyfriend gets first dibs.


ace and michael - mr. east coast prepster.

he may have to practice wearing it...


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