here's the story.

everyone has a story.

i have one, sockbean has one. this blog is where our stories intersect.
as she mentioned in our inaugural post, sockbean is my aunt on the east coast. and i am the niece, holding down the fort smackdab in the middle of the country. we have been bound by family ties for quite some time now, and i have lots of fond memories from california - of going on walks with sockbean, while her husband and my mom, brother and sister, had long talks. i remember him making turkish coffee. the smell of oil paints. and half-listening to esoteric conversations spoken with a german accent.
then sockbean and i sort of lost touch for a very long time. they moved to boston and i grew up and got on with my own life. i did a lousy job of keeping in touch over the years. but two years ago, almost exactly, we were all reunited, in a way. going through hard times has a way of bringing people closer together and that's what happened with us.
i rediscovered my wonderful aunt and uncle two years ago. and we discovered that there were a lot of common threads that ran through our lives. we are all "artists" - we knit, we draw, we write, we think big thoughts. but most importantly - we are family.
i can't tell you how much it's meant to me to reconnect with sockbean and my uncle. they helped me through something that was, for simplicity's sake, unspeakable. we completed a journey together - a camino, a pilgrimage. it will bond us forever, family or no.
and so now we communicate via text mostly - ah modern communication! the art of the written word is getting lost in favor of LOLs and emojis... so we hold on to physical things (besides our iphones) - knitting needles and the warm, embracing comfort of yarn.

so, here is where you will read our story. not all of it will be this serious, honest! life needs to be fun. and colorful. and not scratchy. like a comfy pair of hand-knit socks or a nice warm scarf.

thanks for joining us - see you back here real soon.



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