ninety-seven percent visible

Fiber runs through every aspect of life – plant, animal, mineral, mind, soul, character.

Whether wool, moral, or optics, fiber is the thread that binds us together as a community of craftspeople, artists, and philosophers. Fiber is the yarn that connects my niece and myself.

My niece and I are part of the SoCal diaspora.  Ace finds herself in the Heartland, near Tulsa, Oklahoma. I live near Boston, Massachusetts.

Knitting and fiber have been a vibrant part of our lives always.  We learned the basics from and with our mothers, enlarged our repertoire through lessons, friends, and shared projects.  Two years ago found us on the couch, knitting our way through the trauma of my sister-in-law’s fatal cancer, and rediscovering the strong fibers of the heart.

The Mindful Sheep is the brainstorm of my brilliant niece.  She got me perfecting my texting skills while her mom waned and snow blew.  February 17, 2011, the text ding rang and she had come up with The Mindful Sheep.  A website? A blog?  Who knew!  Definitely something collaborative. It was just shy of the full moon.  In a moment of lunar madness and with a couple of keystrokes, I registered the URL and our project was born.

It’s now October 28, 2012.  The moon is again 97% visible, the perfect time for The Mindful Sheep to make its debut. 

So here we are.  On the East Coast, I'm knitting a pullover in Noro Silk Garden (shades of blue and violet), waiting for Hurricane Sandy to arrive.  A gentle rain has begun; the weather is calm, and so are we, my niece in Oklahoma and I.  No lunar madness: rather, we bask in the still light of night’s great lamp.   My horoscope says that a partnership started at this time is likely to meet the test of time, to last a lifetime.  I can hardly think of a better person to partner with than with my nice niece, nor a better venture than the ongoing discussion of hand and heart.



  1. Hey Sock and Ace. What a great idea for a blog, and presided over by such an intellectual-looking sheep (he/she reminds me of John Malkovich). May this project bring you and your readers much pleasure.


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