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start again

Dear ace,
It is one of those perfect summer nights where red and gold fade to peach and violet, and the hazy lilac light lingers forever in the trees.  It is a comfortable 81F (27C) and thoughts of snow are far, far away.  
The cat is nosing around, looking for a cool spot.  The humidity is low and the night is quiet.  There is so much for which one can be grateful, including your not-crash-landing in Chicago. What a hair-raising experience!  I’m not ready for The Mindful Sheep - or the thread between us -- to end just yet. 
But how do I go forward now, with our long-dormant blog?  
Start again.
The knitter’s battle cry of never give up.  
Rip it, and start again.
Which is exactly what I’m going to do with the self-indulgence sweater.  Those stripes just have to be vertical!  Kaffee Fasset comes off the shelf, and pretty soon I will start on a side-to-side pattern.
Now here is a laugh --something I found at the supermarket in Germany! Someone thought this was a good idea. The customers did no…

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